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Smooth Website Migration

Precautions You Must Observe For Smooth Website Migration For an online entrepreneur, website migration is an inevitable event that is bound to crop up sooner or later. The need to migrate your website could...

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WordPress Themes

Guidelines for Choosing a Suitable WordPress Theme Having a website is the norm nowadays and what could be an easier way of acquiring one than to use a WordPress theme? There are a multitude...

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Advantages of WordPress Themes

Discussing Advantages of Using WordPress Themes Unique is the way to go when you setup your own website and this is exactly what WordPress themes facilitate. The website is meant to act as your...

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WordPress and Shared Hosting

WordPress and Shared Hosting – Important Facts Assuming that you have jumped on to the WordPress bandwagon and have created an attractive website/blog showcasing your business, the next step entails looking for appropriate web...

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Understand WordPress

Understand WordPress (and Its Various Nuances) WordPress is the first thing that springs to mind when you think of a contemporary blog/website. Ever since its release in 2003, this software has been almost synonymous...

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Friendlier Firewalls

Friendlier firewalls! Our firewalls have been improved. Not only are they more protective than ever but now they allow you to get through false-positives when you accidentally hit a firewall security rule!