Advantages of WordPress Themes

Discussing Advantages of Using WordPress Themes

Unique is the way to go when you setup your own website and this is exactly what WordPress themes facilitate. The website is meant to act as your identity on the Internet. It must be reflective of your ideas, ethics and personality. Therefore, it can be like no other existing website, traditional or contemporary.
One of the reasons attributed to the immense popularity of WordPress themes is the flexibility that the developer enjoys while creating a portal. Not only do you have the freedom to apply a template as per your needs but can also experiment with various layouts before identifying one that seems ideally suited.
Using a WordPress theme lets you accrue multiple advantages which are discussed as follows…

Cost Effective

Suppose you decide to buy a WordPress theme and use it for creating a particular website, it does not mean that the theme cannot be used again. You can modify the template a bit and apply it to create a totally different website. And if you invest in a multipurpose WordPress theme, you acquire a plethora of demo options as a part of the package, thus having a variety of templates at your disposal.

No Coding Requirement

With a WordPress theme close at hand, no longer do you need to feel inadequate about not being familiar with complex coding and syntax. What renders these themes truly universal is that they come packed with ready-to-use shortcodes which can be altered as per individual requirements in terms of functionality.
This feature also comes in handy when it comes to the responsiveness of the website. Most themes have the responsive functionality in-built into them and do not require any additional coding on part of the developer.

Ecommerce Enabled

The very objective of setting up a website in most cases is to conduct business and this is where ecommerce comes in. While in a normal website, you would have to depend on plenty of complicated php codes and syntax to enable payment options, a WordPress theme renders it easier owing to this functionality being included as part of the package.
So you can choose how to display your products in various attractive formats, create galleries and select cart styles as part of your commercial operation.
Enhanced Functionality – Although WordPress themes come with in-built functionality, it is possible to enhance the same by adding various plug-ins. All you need to do is identify the plug-in that you require and install it into the theme for its impact to manifest.
For example, to enable SEO of your website’s content, you can download the Yoast plug-in and check the results. Likewise, a plug-in named Visual Composer enables you to modify the layout of the page as per the need of your business.


If you are a website designer who is strongly against the one-formula-fits-all approach, then WordPress themes would be ideal for you. Most of them are flexible enough to be multipurpose, meaning they can be modified to suit different causes, companies, brands and objectives.
Irrespective of whether you wish to build a personal portfolio, showcase an NGO or promote a product/service, there is bound to be template that would suit the purpose and enable you to create a unique website. Suppose you are unable to find a suitable template, there is always the option of building one by yourself using the requisite tools and plug-ins.
Demo Option – Most WordPress themes have the provision of a demo option wherein you can check the features in a real life situation and figure out if they would work well for you. Other aspects that you can check while opting for a free demo are the extent to which the particular theme can be reconfigured and its compatibility with various plug-ins.
Trying out a free demo is a must before buying a theme since it will provide you with a genuine insight into how the website would operate in real time.

Final Word

Advantages notwithstanding, there are still some precautionary measures which you must be aware of while using WordPress themes. The speed with which the web pages of the theme upload is an important criterion along with the degree of responsiveness. Ideally, pages should not take more than a couple of seconds to upload in order to retain visitors and should also appear legible on different devices like tablets and mobile phones.
As a user, you must also guard against trying out the theme simultaneously for different services. It will just lead to a big mess on the Internet and render the template unusable owing to the confusion created thanks to too much information. Rather than use the theme simultaneously, try it out for one service at a time and figure out if it is suitable before moving on.
Ultimately, the onus is on you to keep things as simple as possible and judge the suitability of the WordPress theme on the basis of how it appeals to your instincts. If it responds well, then it is probably meant to serve as framework for your unique website.

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