Increasing redundancy. A thousand part series.

Increasing redundancy. A thousand part series.

We had a brief outage last night at the Seattle location related to a network switch and the switch was replaced. While in there I took the liberty to put in a future scheduled upgrade.

At our Seattle location, cabinet 1 we run some high end servers with many VIP clients that have dual power supplies each pulling from different power sources. The cabinet runs 30 amp A and B power feeds. The data center has had a couple of rare outages on the A feed. The network switches and the network KVM only have single power plugs and these often plug into A or B. What we have done is installed a device called an automatic transfer switch. What this device does is monitor both power feeds and pulls from one. If for example, the A power feed (primary) goes down, the device will immediately pull from the B power feed or vice versa with the plugged in devices never noticing the difference. This allows us to keep the network switches and other devices always on in case of rare power outages.

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